Sunday, October 22, 2006


"...Kurt Cobain, reincarnated, sighs and licks his face,
then they drift past strips of Serengeti..."

Click this link for a Serengeti webcam. At approx. 9:30pm Vancouver-time you can witness an exquisite sunrise. Tip: refresh the page every minute or two.

The quote is from a Tragically Hip song. I've been on a Hip kick lately, probably because they have a new CD out this week. At first, listening to the songs on their website, I wasn't blown away. I wasn't sure I'd buy it, which is weird as I own all of their CDs and both of Gord Downie's solo CDs, almost always buying them on release day. However, after listening to the songs over and over, having the words and images sink in, methinks I will in fact be buying it, or at least requesting it for Christmas.

If anyone feels like giving me a ticket or two to any one of the Hip's upcoming Commodore shows, I won't say no. And, I'll be your best friend. BFF.

What I am looking very forward to is the October 31st release of Pretty Little Head by Nellie McKay. It is long overdue.

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