Saturday, April 30, 2005


G'day friends, lovers, and enemies.. That covers all of you right?

The Surrey Indians's season is under way. We're two games in, and I'm having a blast, despite pulling a hammy in an exhibition game on Thursday. I'll be okay, thanks for your concern.. Posts here may start to become infrequent and/or lacking in substance, and for that I apologize in advance.. But really, was there ever any substance to begin with? I've been doing our team blog, found here, and using that for my creative outlet.. Stop by for a virtual visit, or else..

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Das Eawall

Went for a walk yesterday around the Stanley Park seawall with Biscotti and Archie. It was flippin' fantastic.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Hide My Peanuts?

I didn't know how to react to this.. On my way to pick up a group of kids at a school today, I picked up a small bag of peanuts. As I was talking to some of the boys, one of the girls, in grade three, came over, put her hand in front of the bag, and said, "Hey, you're not supposed to show off your peanuts in public". What????? What in the world am I supposed to say to that? Seriously, what would you have said? And I didn't have the luxury of having time to think about it. So first impression, what would you have said?

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Have you ever heard the question, 'What's another word for thesaurus?'? I have. Have you ever sought out an answer? I have. Today. Here it is.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Baby girl is now here. And she's beautiful.

Georgiana was born last night at 22:22.

Congrats G+T.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Amazing Race

I heard yesterday that Amazing Race has passed Survivor as the most watched show in Canada. Good. I liked the first Survivor, and greatly enjoyed Pearl Islands and All-Stars (even without Colleen), but ever since happening upon Amazing Race midway through their third installment, I've been hooked. They are now in their seventh installment, and probably due to the inclusion of Survivor's Boston Rob and Amber, it has been the best one that I've seen yet.

There are a few things that make the Race superior, let's discuss some of them. In the Race, it doesn't matter how much a team is hated, as long as they are first to the finish line (or just not-last for all the lead-up legs, and then first for the final leg), they can win. If a team is hated on Survivor, they are most likely going to be voted off, like Colby yesterday. Boston Rob doesn't care on the Race that he is hated, in fact he's embracing it ("just say no and point at me.. I'll smile right at them").

The main reason I find the Race superior is that the racers don't have to act as though the cameras and crew that are around them are not actually there. You'll often see them acknowledge the cameras with a comment or sly smile. Survivor is annoying in this regard. When survivors, for example, get lost in the woods, they, I assume based on viewing experience, are under strict rules to not acknowledge the cameras. The light from the camera is lighting them up bright, and we're supposed to worry that they might succumb to the evils of a dark forest? Not likely. The only time they can react to the camera is when they are doing one those secret interview things away from the group. (I must share a Colleen moment from the very first Survivor. They had just found out about a challenge they were going to do. She said to the camera: At first I thought 'cool, it's like we're going to be on a game-show'. But then I thought 'wait a minute, we're on a game-show!') Survivor is plain old talk and back-talk and behind-the-back talk and backstabbing, with the occasional challenge taking place, whereas Amazing Race has so much more entertaining drama as they continent-hop all over the place with unique location-specific challenges coming at you quick and often..

All that being said, I've watched every episode of Survivor Palau, enjoying Ulong's demise. No merge, just a takeover. Do you watch Survivor? Amazing Race?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Surrey Indians Website

The Surrey Indians website has some new additions. Most notably a forum and a team blog. Pictures are being added. Many more will be posted as soon as many more pictures are taken.. You can find video footage in the forum..

The site can still be found under "cool sites" on your right. I've given it the codename Das Indians? Why the codename? Because things are always cooler when they have codenames. With all the additions the website now really is the place to be.. I was only joking last time..


I will soon be an uncle. My sister is pregnant. In fact, she is very pregnant, the due date was yesterday! So any day now my sister and her hubby will have a young daughter.. Any day now..

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Poem By Somebody

The dishes need doing
The doing takes a moment
A moment takes no time at all
We stare at the cat a lot

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Call Me Rusty

Opening day is 5 days away! Baseball season is here again, and I must say that I could use a few more days of prep. We've had just one outdoor practice, during which I fielded approximately 10 fly balls. Normally this would suffice and there would be no trepidation in anticipation of the season opener. However, this is not a typical season opener. It's been over a year and a half since my last game. I did not play ball last season, during which time I did not touch a baseball bat, baseball glove, or baseball. I did, however, touch Fenway Park, the Empire State Building, and the water in Glen Lake..

Check out the shiny new Surrey Indians website, which can be found under 'cool sites' on the right. It is, without a doubt, the place to be, any time day or night..

On the topic of baseball, I happened open the fox radio station yesterday, and the guy said something good. It went something like this, 'if you're not looking foward to the upcoming baseball season, just yell the f word and the name of the band coming up', then came advertisements. When the advertisements ended and the next song began, it was a song by the same band that did the more popular songs 'Self-Esteem' and 'Come Out and Play'. Think about it.