Friday, April 15, 2005

Amazing Race

I heard yesterday that Amazing Race has passed Survivor as the most watched show in Canada. Good. I liked the first Survivor, and greatly enjoyed Pearl Islands and All-Stars (even without Colleen), but ever since happening upon Amazing Race midway through their third installment, I've been hooked. They are now in their seventh installment, and probably due to the inclusion of Survivor's Boston Rob and Amber, it has been the best one that I've seen yet.

There are a few things that make the Race superior, let's discuss some of them. In the Race, it doesn't matter how much a team is hated, as long as they are first to the finish line (or just not-last for all the lead-up legs, and then first for the final leg), they can win. If a team is hated on Survivor, they are most likely going to be voted off, like Colby yesterday. Boston Rob doesn't care on the Race that he is hated, in fact he's embracing it ("just say no and point at me.. I'll smile right at them").

The main reason I find the Race superior is that the racers don't have to act as though the cameras and crew that are around them are not actually there. You'll often see them acknowledge the cameras with a comment or sly smile. Survivor is annoying in this regard. When survivors, for example, get lost in the woods, they, I assume based on viewing experience, are under strict rules to not acknowledge the cameras. The light from the camera is lighting them up bright, and we're supposed to worry that they might succumb to the evils of a dark forest? Not likely. The only time they can react to the camera is when they are doing one those secret interview things away from the group. (I must share a Colleen moment from the very first Survivor. They had just found out about a challenge they were going to do. She said to the camera: At first I thought 'cool, it's like we're going to be on a game-show'. But then I thought 'wait a minute, we're on a game-show!') Survivor is plain old talk and back-talk and behind-the-back talk and backstabbing, with the occasional challenge taking place, whereas Amazing Race has so much more entertaining drama as they continent-hop all over the place with unique location-specific challenges coming at you quick and often..

All that being said, I've watched every episode of Survivor Palau, enjoying Ulong's demise. No merge, just a takeover. Do you watch Survivor? Amazing Race?

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