Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Monday December 27 2004

At Chianti's, the girl was dressed up elegantly, while sharing the complimentary bread was a guy wearing a casual sweater and a pro-fit baseball cap backwards.

At Tinseltown, the ticket-taker was one of the more outspoken students in a sociology class of mine that just ended. I'm curious as to who got a better mark.

In the parking lot, a driver clearly didn't know the dimensions of their own vehicle as they reversed with extreme, and unnecessary, caution.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Biscotti Improvised!

Went down to Theatresports on Granville Island after Biscotti's birthday dinner at Mongolie Grill on Saturday. Twas a wonderful night. The improvisors were at their best. At one point two of them came into the audience to select two audience members to join them onstage. Who should find herself onstage? The birthday girl! She had the good fortune of being the arms of one of the improvisors, as he made an argument of there not being enough garbage around.. It was very cool to see Biscotti up there getting numerous laughs from the crowd.. Fantastic stuff indeed.. At the end of the show, Dan Joffre was asked by the host if he wanted to say a few words.. Dan then told the crowd that after seven great years at Theatresports, he is going to pursue other opportunities and, therefore, Saturday was his last show. A well-deserved crowd favorite, he will be missed. On Boxing Day the improvisors start a new themed show, "The Imprentice", which Biscotti and I are definitely going to check out.. It's modeled after a reality show, betcha can't guess which one... Anyone out there interested in joining us? We're not actually going to go to it on Boxing Day, sometime after.. It'll run for a few months no doubt..

I'm hungry. Time for dinner. Speaking of dinner, we had a bitch server at the Mongolie Grill; someone I'd never seen there before. We had made the dinner reservations a week or so in advance and had asked for a certain area, to which they responded, "no problem". Biscotti and I arrive and most of the others are already there and it's in the exact opposite area that we had asked for, with barely enough room for us to squeeze into our seats. We get the table moved back as far as it will go (not very far), and ask the server why we weren't able to have the other area. She gets defensive immediately and says something about another reservation for a larger group needing that area. After minimal exchange back and forth, with no actual apology, she says "I'll return shortly for the drink orders for you happy people". You can probably imagine the tone she used for the word "happy". What is that?

Okay seriously. Time for dinner.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Christmas Trivia

A festive holiday gift for the first person who correctly answers the following question: Who is the other reindeer? I mean it... First one to correctly answer wins a special mystery prize!

(As a follow-up to a previous post, I have now selected the French book with which I will start)

Friday, December 10, 2004

Why did the bicycle fall over?

It was too tired..

It now seems as though my leg strength is irrevelant. When I start my new job on the 16th, I will also be working before classes, from 7am-9am. In order to do this, I am insuring the dormant Honda and will be driving again. I'm thinking that the half hour window before and after classes will just prove to be too much.. My bike has served me well for the past little while.. For many years actually, but the past little while it has seen its use skyrocket.. Good bike, you will be called upon on weekends and special occasions.. For regular exercise now: indoor soccer for three hours every Monday night!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Interview of Life

... and hope and everything that is good in the world.

Now that's how an interview should feel. The interview took place last Thursday, and that experience was the exact opposite of the Carnegie experience.. As I told Biscotti right after, I left the interview smiling, rather than wanting to cry. It was a fairly short interview, about fifteen minutes, and things went really smoothly. The position is for an afterschool kids clubhouse, and it's Mon-Thur 2pm-6pm, and Fri 12pm-6pm. Much much better hours than what I'm currently working as Building Supervisor, working two days a week and getting home at about 11pm , Friday being one of those days..

They said that they would be going over the resum├ęs and whatnot and would likely be calling people on Monday. Calling "people" meaning, I assume, that they would call everyone they interviewed, not just the one person they choose as champion.. (Champion being, of course, my word of choice, as you shall soon see why) Monday came and went with no phone call. Tueday came and went with a phone call. A message was left because I didn't answer the phone. And that's what good people do when the phone isn't answered. They leave a message. But this message, considering the context, was annoyingly ambiguous. "Hi it's so-and-so from this-little-place. Could you give us a call back when you have a minute, either before 3 today or tomorrow morning. Thanks." I couldn't call before 3 so I called the next morning. Which gave me plenty of time to consider the tone of their voice, the tell-tale pauses, and the very fact that they didn't say that I was hired if I was still interested. When I called there was no answer, so, being a good person, I left a message. Hi it's so-and-so, give me a call.. Half hour later, they gave me a call. Hi, do you have a minute? For you, I have five! We were quite happy with the interview, and the references were all great (uh oh, are they buttering me up? Is the next word going to be "but"?), so (really, a "so" not a "but"?!?) we're happy to be able to offer you the position. Are you still interested? Yes. Yes I am.

They were very flexible with when I start, so I asked if I could start on the 16th. That just happens to be the day after my final final, as well as the day after the Christmas party at Imagination Arts. No problem.. even though it's a Thursday. Seems like it's gonna be a good place to work!

In January I'm going to take 4 courses, from 9:30-1:30, giving me half an hour to get to work. My legs are getting stronger.