Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Biscotti Improvised!

Went down to Theatresports on Granville Island after Biscotti's birthday dinner at Mongolie Grill on Saturday. Twas a wonderful night. The improvisors were at their best. At one point two of them came into the audience to select two audience members to join them onstage. Who should find herself onstage? The birthday girl! She had the good fortune of being the arms of one of the improvisors, as he made an argument of there not being enough garbage around.. It was very cool to see Biscotti up there getting numerous laughs from the crowd.. Fantastic stuff indeed.. At the end of the show, Dan Joffre was asked by the host if he wanted to say a few words.. Dan then told the crowd that after seven great years at Theatresports, he is going to pursue other opportunities and, therefore, Saturday was his last show. A well-deserved crowd favorite, he will be missed. On Boxing Day the improvisors start a new themed show, "The Imprentice", which Biscotti and I are definitely going to check out.. It's modeled after a reality show, betcha can't guess which one... Anyone out there interested in joining us? We're not actually going to go to it on Boxing Day, sometime after.. It'll run for a few months no doubt..

I'm hungry. Time for dinner. Speaking of dinner, we had a bitch server at the Mongolie Grill; someone I'd never seen there before. We had made the dinner reservations a week or so in advance and had asked for a certain area, to which they responded, "no problem". Biscotti and I arrive and most of the others are already there and it's in the exact opposite area that we had asked for, with barely enough room for us to squeeze into our seats. We get the table moved back as far as it will go (not very far), and ask the server why we weren't able to have the other area. She gets defensive immediately and says something about another reservation for a larger group needing that area. After minimal exchange back and forth, with no actual apology, she says "I'll return shortly for the drink orders for you happy people". You can probably imagine the tone she used for the word "happy". What is that?

Okay seriously. Time for dinner.

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