Sunday, February 26, 2006

Jingle Bells Reversed

My friend Mattias shared this with me. I don't shock easily but I was shocked. Apparently there are "messages in the classic song Jingle Bells". They can be heard when the song is played backwards. Make sure your speakers are on and loud enough, and then click here to listen.

After you've heard it, let me know what you heard by 'sparking the glow'. BUT, do not click on the sparks until you've listened to the song's messages. Why? Because I want to know if everyone hears the same thing. If you read beforehand what others have already heard, then you may be influenced.

I look forward to reading what you heard.

Edited Saturday March 4 2006 at 4:10pm to add the following:

Not a single person wishes to share what they heard? Did anyone listen to it? If so, are you just scared to post in case you heard it wrong. There is no wrong. If you haven't listened to it yet, why not? There are very profound messages to be heard. I must say I'm disappointed thus far.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Thin House

In the almost-two months since getting the canines, we've been walking around the neighborhood a lot more. We've walked to Queen Elizabeth Park just once, but plan on making that trip many times once it gets warmer and drier. Just walk on up to the bike route on 37th and head westward and *bam* Queen E is ours! It's a nice walk, with other dog walkers also taking advantage of the minimal traffic due to traffic reduction measures for the bikers. And some great views of the North Shore mountains too. Even right at the end of our block there's a great view, the Lions standing tall and proud.

Anyway, on one of our many in-the-neighborhood walks, approximately five blocks from where we live, we spotted a house. Well, we spotted plenty of houses, but this one stood out. Maybe "stood out" is the wrong phrase, as we very nearly never saw it at all. You see, the house is sooooo thin!! I'm tempted to knock on the door and ask to see the layout of the interior. We walk by it frequently, so one time I made sure to bring my camera so you could take a look. Look:

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Maverick and Matilda

For some reason, blogger wouldn't allow me to include this pic of Maverick and Matilda in my last post. Maybe because the post was simply titled "Maverick". But I was able to get Biscotti in there. And Maverick's sibling. Whatever. Click to enlarge.


We've had Maverick for a few weeks now, and I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of him. His guardians had offered him for free to a good home by posting an ad on (look under cool sites to your right, it's the one under Clumsy Lovers). We emailed, expressing interest, and subsequently struck gold. (Maverick's sibling, that orange furball, went to a different good home.) After a jaunt over the Patullo and back, the feline count in our house went up by one. I remember fondly a time not too long ago when many a zoo joke was made as my mom had two dogs and a cat roaming the premises at her place. What's one level up from zoo? Jungle?

At first, Matilda took great offense to our actions. She's lived with dogs before, so that introduction wasn't too
bad, but Maverick? Hoo boy. It wasn't just Maverick Tildy was pissed at; because Biscotti had been holding Maverick at the time of the first introduction, Tildy would hiss anytime Biscotti went near her. I found it very amusing. Tildy has slowly become more welcoming, allowing Maverick to pass without taking a swipe, although the past couple of days she's taken to chasing him around the house, swiping when close enough. Maverick thinks they're playing, so after he gets away he goes back for more. I think it may be Tildy's form of play. Biscotti has clipped Tildy's claws, so for now it's "no blood, no foul."

Holly, Maui, Matilda, Maverick. hmmm.

Click a pic to enlarge that pic.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Not 273rd?

Kid: What time is it?
Me: Four-fifty.
Kid: That's my two hundred seventy fourth favorite time.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Eye See

I've been memed by Jason.
I never saw it coming. (Foreshadow alert!!)

The task: If you were a scientist designing the first bionic human, what would you improve upon, and how?

Let me ask you: What do you most fear in life? If you're anything like me, it's sneak-attack wedgies, wet willies, and the dreaded rear-admiral. With our visual capacities set up the way they are, we have a severe limitation of range that leaves us far too susceptible to these aforementioned sneak-attacks. What we need are the eyes of certain all-seeing fish. Not all-seeing in the all-knowing sense of God, but all-seeing in the sense of eyes that are located on the side of the head and can see forward and backward. As it is now, we must walk around risking whiplash as we spin our heads this way and that in a preventative fashion.

Of course, this will only reduce the number of occurrences of "sneak-attack" wedgies, wet willies, and the dreaded rear-admirals. Wedgies, wet willies, and the dreaded rear-admiral will still live on, to the delight of all.

Now memed: Brad, Mattias, Rob, Cher.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Defection Dejection

Well well well, via the happy people on Breakfast Television I just found out that, two weeks after being re-elected in the Vancouver-Kingsway riding as a Liberal, David Emerson has defected to the Conservatives. He is now "minister of international trade, with responsibilities for the Vancouver Olympics".

How is this acceptable? He was re-elected for what his Liberal policies are/were. What a joke.

(While looking at the linked page above, be sure to click the link to read the letters of citizens. There are many outraged comments there. I can relate to all of them, including this one: "How very disappointing-again. I've never felt so lousy about bothering to vote.")

Edited at 6:13pm same day to add the following comment that I just wrote in response to Brad's post:

Sorry. It seems I am one of the suckers who helped obtain the only Conservative MP 'from a major urban metropolis'. In my defense, how was I to know he was a wolf in sheep's clothing? I guess this shows that he has all the qualifications to be a politician. Politics stink. I voted Liberal, in part, to keep Conservatives out. How can they switch sides like that? It seems immoral to me. Shouldn't they have to act the part of traitor before they get elected. Shouldn't there be a rule, a law, that states 'once elected as a Liberal, always a Liberal'?

And to think I was starting to get into politics a bit more the past couple of years.. Thanks David.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

New friends and foes

Just wanted to direct your attention to the list of friends and foes found to your right, unless you're viewing this through a mirror with your back to the computer, in which case the list can be found to your left. In any case, there is a list of friends and foes on this page, find it. There are two recent additions to the list: Rob and Mattias.

Look for Rob in the next election ("A Vote for Rob Edger is a vote for not dithering"), and check out the Beer Church that Mattias has discovered. The Beer Church has over 100,000 registered members by their last count, which probably includes at least one of you.

Good luck Seahawks.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Items the Dogs Find and Chew and Attempt to Eat While Out on Walks

flowers, elastics, chicken bones, cigarette butts, foam, pieces of plastic, sticks, abc gum, bottle caps.