Sunday, February 19, 2006


We've had Maverick for a few weeks now, and I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of him. His guardians had offered him for free to a good home by posting an ad on (look under cool sites to your right, it's the one under Clumsy Lovers). We emailed, expressing interest, and subsequently struck gold. (Maverick's sibling, that orange furball, went to a different good home.) After a jaunt over the Patullo and back, the feline count in our house went up by one. I remember fondly a time not too long ago when many a zoo joke was made as my mom had two dogs and a cat roaming the premises at her place. What's one level up from zoo? Jungle?

At first, Matilda took great offense to our actions. She's lived with dogs before, so that introduction wasn't too
bad, but Maverick? Hoo boy. It wasn't just Maverick Tildy was pissed at; because Biscotti had been holding Maverick at the time of the first introduction, Tildy would hiss anytime Biscotti went near her. I found it very amusing. Tildy has slowly become more welcoming, allowing Maverick to pass without taking a swipe, although the past couple of days she's taken to chasing him around the house, swiping when close enough. Maverick thinks they're playing, so after he gets away he goes back for more. I think it may be Tildy's form of play. Biscotti has clipped Tildy's claws, so for now it's "no blood, no foul."

Holly, Maui, Matilda, Maverick. hmmm.

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