Monday, February 06, 2006

Defection Dejection

Well well well, via the happy people on Breakfast Television I just found out that, two weeks after being re-elected in the Vancouver-Kingsway riding as a Liberal, David Emerson has defected to the Conservatives. He is now "minister of international trade, with responsibilities for the Vancouver Olympics".

How is this acceptable? He was re-elected for what his Liberal policies are/were. What a joke.

(While looking at the linked page above, be sure to click the link to read the letters of citizens. There are many outraged comments there. I can relate to all of them, including this one: "How very disappointing-again. I've never felt so lousy about bothering to vote.")

Edited at 6:13pm same day to add the following comment that I just wrote in response to Brad's post:

Sorry. It seems I am one of the suckers who helped obtain the only Conservative MP 'from a major urban metropolis'. In my defense, how was I to know he was a wolf in sheep's clothing? I guess this shows that he has all the qualifications to be a politician. Politics stink. I voted Liberal, in part, to keep Conservatives out. How can they switch sides like that? It seems immoral to me. Shouldn't they have to act the part of traitor before they get elected. Shouldn't there be a rule, a law, that states 'once elected as a Liberal, always a Liberal'?

And to think I was starting to get into politics a bit more the past couple of years.. Thanks David.


robedger said...

I think he should have to resign and run in a byelection if he wants to switch parties. Of course, he would lose in a landslide if he did that, so we shouldn't our breath....

cher said...

hey, just thought i'd say hello. i've been really busy. you're puppies are just adorable.