Friday, May 14, 2010

What categories are you?

  • “You like an epiphany or you like a surprise”
  • “You talk loudly in airport lineups or you are Canadian”
  • “You say ‘I love you’ or you say ‘I love you too’”
  • “You say ‘Fuck you’ or you say ‘Oh yeah? Fuck you’”
- from this Georgia Straight book-review article, excerpting “Good Egg Bad Seed” in Susan Holbrook's Joy Is So Exhausting.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Running like a swimmer

I've moreorless kept up my increased running routine of late. The past few outings, though, there have been many, many bugs hanging out at face level in the middle of the path. A sure sign that summer's here. After having one too many of said bugs ending up in my mouth, I decided to adopt a swimming technique. Specifically, the breathing component of the front crawl. I would turn my head to the left to inhale, and then face forward to exhale. It worked like a charm, but it was annoying as puck and took my body and mind off of running's forward-progress mentality.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

More running

I've been running more lately. Running more and doing more post-run exercies/stretching than I used to. My regular running routine, when at its most regular, would be every second day. Recently, though, I wondered why I didn't run every day. After all, if the dude from a post in mid-January can run a marathon a day for five straight days, then take two days off, then run a marathon for five straight days, and keep up that routine for a full year, then surely I can run for approximately an hour every day.

Well, I'm not quite there yet. I did run two days in a row, but then took a day off and simply walked the dogs. Then I ran two days in a row, and today would be le troisième jour, mais I'm feeling like it's going to be another walking day. I'm sure that I'll be doing three days in a row soon enough, then four, then five, then six, and so on. But hey, even my body needs to be conditioned.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

the sooner, right now

On the one hand, the sooner he gets older the sooner we can play tennis together. On the other hand, right now his hands are so adorably cute and soft.

On the one hand, the sooner he gets older the sooner he can ask me questions that make me look at the world in a whole new way. On the other hand, right now he sees the world as an entirely innocent place.

On the one hand, the sooner he gets older the sooner he'll say the darndest things. On the other hand, right now I love watching and listening to him create his own sounds and "words" as he communicates.

On the one hand, I want him to be older. On the other hand, I want him to stay like this forever.