Monday, May 18, 2009

Barenaked Ladies "Drawing"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

one hundred and sixty-four seconds

The Vancouver Canucks played their last game of the season last night, losing game six in the Western Conference semifinals. They lost that last game in spectacular fashion, allowing seven goals against, while scoring five. Anytime the Canucks score five goals in a game, in front of one of the best goaltenders in the game, they should freakin' win. What's more, the seven goals scored by the Chicago Blackhawks were all scored while Roberto Luongo was still in net. No empty-netters. I'm not placing all the blame on him - there's plenty to go around - but seven goals against in the biggest game of the year, including four in the third period? Yikes. The Canucks twice had a one-goal lead in that third period. A goal by Daniel Sedin to make it 5-4 with 7:45 remaining had me daydreaming of Thursday's game seven. That daydream lasted a mere forty-five seconds (of playing time).

This morning Biscotti told me that the Canucks franchise is being moved to Las Vegas. I said, "Good, they won't break my heart anymore".

After the Canucks went up 2-1 in the best-of-seven, the Blackhawks won three straight games and advance to play either the Detroit Red Wings or the Anaheim Ducks in the Western Conference final. After the game last night, I heard a local sportscaster (can't remember who, probably on Global's 11pm news) say that in the four Chicago wins, the Canucks had third-period leads in three of them. I was close to posting that without checking on my own, and am glad I did do my own research. The Canucks had third-period leads in two of the four Chicago wins - which is still pretty bad. Shutdown defense? Killer instinct? Gone after the first round sweep.

It's disappointing. If they hadn't been in this series at all, then it'd be easier. A sweep? Oh well, they were overmatched. But no, they just couldn't put games away. Up 2-1 in the series, Vancouver had a 1-0 lead deep into game four's third period. They were 164 seconds from a commanding 3-1 series lead when Chicago scored to tie the game.

That's enough about that. I must now turn my attention to other matters, such as voting today and moving soon.