Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Thin House

In the almost-two months since getting the canines, we've been walking around the neighborhood a lot more. We've walked to Queen Elizabeth Park just once, but plan on making that trip many times once it gets warmer and drier. Just walk on up to the bike route on 37th and head westward and *bam* Queen E is ours! It's a nice walk, with other dog walkers also taking advantage of the minimal traffic due to traffic reduction measures for the bikers. And some great views of the North Shore mountains too. Even right at the end of our block there's a great view, the Lions standing tall and proud.

Anyway, on one of our many in-the-neighborhood walks, approximately five blocks from where we live, we spotted a house. Well, we spotted plenty of houses, but this one stood out. Maybe "stood out" is the wrong phrase, as we very nearly never saw it at all. You see, the house is sooooo thin!! I'm tempted to knock on the door and ask to see the layout of the interior. We walk by it frequently, so one time I made sure to bring my camera so you could take a look. Look:

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robedger said...

Bizarre. Still much, much bigger than my apartment, but bizarre.