Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Call Me Rusty

Opening day is 5 days away! Baseball season is here again, and I must say that I could use a few more days of prep. We've had just one outdoor practice, during which I fielded approximately 10 fly balls. Normally this would suffice and there would be no trepidation in anticipation of the season opener. However, this is not a typical season opener. It's been over a year and a half since my last game. I did not play ball last season, during which time I did not touch a baseball bat, baseball glove, or baseball. I did, however, touch Fenway Park, the Empire State Building, and the water in Glen Lake..

Check out the shiny new Surrey Indians website, which can be found under 'cool sites' on the right. It is, without a doubt, the place to be, any time day or night..

On the topic of baseball, I happened open the fox radio station yesterday, and the guy said something good. It went something like this, 'if you're not looking foward to the upcoming baseball season, just yell the f word and the name of the band coming up', then came advertisements. When the advertisements ended and the next song began, it was a song by the same band that did the more popular songs 'Self-Esteem' and 'Come Out and Play'. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

C'mon allstar, quit complaining about lack of practice and get your ass out to a practice. Tuesdays at 6 and Sundays at 5.

Dude, your posts are awesome! :)

- Coach

jblueafterglow said...

hey now, i ain't complaining coach.. just stating the facts.. i'm not too worried.. it's just batting practice won't help my speed game, and my game is all speed.. i gotta be biking and running more..

thanks for the compliment on the posts.