Sunday, October 01, 2006


We have a video of Maui that we would like to send to America's Funniest Home Videos. After reading the Official Contest Rules, I am unsure how to submit it. Read the following, taken from the above link, and know that the clip is on one of our digital camera's memory sticks:


4. All home video formats are acceptable (VHS, 8MM, Hi-8, digital video). Home videos shot for commercial purposes are not eligible for any prizes. Home videos transferred to DVD or CD-ROM will be accepted provided they meet eligibility and broadcast requirement. 8MM film transferred to videotape is also accepted. Digital chips will not be accepted.

7. Videos must be exclusive to Cara Communications Corporation, d/b/a Vin Di Bona Productions and American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Now, how do we get our video to them? It sounds like we transfer the video from the memory stick to our computer, then burn it onto a DVD, then mail it in. Is that right? We'd really like to win the moola! I included rule 7 as well, to tell you that I have not put the video up on Google Video yet, as it seems that that would make it ineligible.

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