Saturday, October 14, 2006

$155,133 - Why?

Leading up to the Canucks' home-opener yesterday, there was talk about the 50/50 draw. Media were hyping the fact that because unclaimed prizes from last season would be added to the draw for this season's home opener, the jackpot would be around $100,000.

Now I am fairly familiar with the goings-on at the 50/50. For those that don't know, half the money raised selling tickets at each game goes to the person who bought the winning ticket. The other half goes to charity, namely Canuck Place Children's Hospice. It's not uncommon for prizes not to be claimed by the end of the game. Winners had a one-year time limit to claim their prizes. If unclaimed after a year, the money would go to Canuck Place.

So now, this extra money that was given away last night, boosting the draw to a huge $155,133 - why didn't it go to Canuck Place? Surely it would be far better, as used to be the case, for all the extra money to go to Canuck Place, a hospice for terminally ill children. I would think that the children and families associated with Canuck Place would benefit more than the people who can afford to go to the Canucks games.

Why the change, 50/50 brass?

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