Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Parked Car Crash

I've been meaning to do a cool interactive post, but recent events take precedence in the blogging realm.

They say that when you have a night of little sleep, or no sleep at all, that it's not the subsequent day that you feel it, it's the day after. For example, you didn't sleep much on Sunday night? Well, Monday you'll be alright, but Tuesday you'll feel as though someone has cleaned your clock. I can vouch for that several times since first hearing this rumor, and it's definitely the case for Biscotti and I today. After a very late Sunday night bedtime, we were high energy yesterday, even walking from one block west of Knight street to one block east of Dunbar street for Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' place. Today though, we've both been très sluggish.

Why the late bedtime on Sunday, you ask?

And the story begins...

Biscotti and I arrived home after Thanksgiving dinner at her parents' place, feeling tired as we watched Amazing Race on tape. After seeing Biscotti's team get eliminated - d'oh! - I went downstairs to feed my bad habit of yahoo hockey pooling, and some time passed. Twas now past midnight. From above me there arose such a clatter, I thought about seeing what was the matter. A second or two later and Biscotti was yelling for me. As I ascended the stairs I heard the door chime, telling me the front door was opening. I wondered, is someone trying to break in? I looked out the front window to see Biscotti, in pj's and socks, standing on the road behind a car that was bunny hopping away. I opened the door and Biscotti yelled a license plate number. Then she yelled it again. And again and again, until we found pen and paper to write it down on. As I got the phone and started dialling 911, Biscotti got me up to speed.

Biscotti had just turned off the TV and stood up when she heard the crash coming from outside. Looking outside immediately, she saw a car a few feet in front of our parked car, but perpendicular to it, and up on the sidewalk. Thinking they hit a neighbor's pillar, and worried someone was hurt, she had called for me and gone out to help. Before she could get there the car had reversed back onto the road and began driving away haphazardly. That was when Biscotti saw the damage to the back of our car and got the license number. I told the 911 operator all we knew, which is everything I have said to this point, plus our location and direction the car was heading as it left the scene. She asked for car color, but all we saw in the darkness was that it was a dark color. She asked how many people in the car, we didn't know. Visible front damage? Yes. Info has been sent to all police cars, they are now on it.

After hanging up, we went out to inspect our car. In addition to much damage on the back left (broken light, split tire, several scrapes), the front right had been slammed into the curb, causing the tire to buckle under itself. Inspecting the skid marks to where the other car had jumped the curb, we found a big piece of the offending car. Turns out the car was dark blue.

I was on the phone with ICBC twenty minutes later when the police knocked on our front door, telling us they got the car and driver. We have since learned that our neighbor was getting out of his car in the alley when he heard Biscotti yelling. Not knowing what had happened, but realizing it was big, he ran to the front, saw the car driving away, and gave chase, simultaneously calling 911. A block later the car lost a tire, and another block later the car gave out. At this point the police showed up. The driver got out, looking confused and very drunk. We were told that ours wasn't the first parked car they hit. There was at least one more before us on our block, and who knows how many before that.

The police towed our car that night so they could take pictures of it. It will then be towed to Buster's until it's time for it to be taken to ICBC in time for our appointment on Friday.

With statements and all, everything took a while to settle down, at which point we were now wide awake. The dogs were also awake, and excited from all the commotion. Knowing we coudn't sleep, we watched our wedding DVDs for the first time (very entertaining!), before heading to bed and dreamsville at a few minutes past 5am.

I could easily go to sleep right now, but I gotta watch
Rescue Me. Stay tuned for that cool interactive post.

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