Sunday, October 09, 2005

Number Two

Since June Biscotti and I have been working a job that has us caring for children in our own home. We haven't had a high number of children that wear diapers, and the ones that have, Biscotti has dealt with as necessary. Well, earlier this week I changed my first dirty diaper. Dirty is bold and italicized for a reason. As it turns out, the first dirty diaper I changed was also the last dirty diaper I will change. Ever. I just figured, why not get it all done in one go? First and last, all fini.

When Tildy was an outdoor cat, things were different. We had a catdoor, she would come and go as she pleased. She would often bring in some presents for us, nonwished for presents that we did not keep inside for long, alive or not. Although we had a kitty litter, the presence of a catdoor meant that Tildy had no need for it. As Tildy I'm sure would say, "what are neighbor's gardens for?" So I not once had to upkeep kitty's litter. Now she's an indoor cat, and I cannot believe how often she must've once used the neighbor's garden. Each time I upkeep, one word comes to mind: prolific.

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