Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hiding Tildy

So Tildy's been staying with me and Biscotti at our rental house, which is all good, very good, except for the fact that we agreed to a no-pets rule way back in June at the start of our rental lease.. Well, now that we have a place that we're renovating and moving into in a couple of weeks, our lease is done on December 1st.. Actually, I guess it would run out November 30th.. Details Shmetails.. Our landlord lives just a few blocks away and we're kind of worried about her walking by our place when we're not home and seeing Tildy on the windowsill.. When we're home, we have a no-sill rule.

With us moving out, our very nice landlord has
asked us very nicely if she could come by now and then, with advanced warning, to show the house to prospective renters.. "Surrrrre", we say. "Just make sure you do give us advance warning!" Last night was the first night of showings, which meant packing Tildy up in her carrier box and escorting her to Biscotti's parent's place for a couple of hours. But that's not all. There is the kitty litter, Tildy's food & water dishes, her scratch box, her fake-mice toys, and her fur clumps that she has left all over the place.. We basically had to walk through the place as though we were walking through for the first time to see if there was anything that would make us think to ask, "you have a cat?" What? No. We have a Tildy.

It's hard to capture the essence of Tildy on a camera, but these photos come somewhat close.. I have many many more to choose from but these are essentially the only usable ones to show her off. All the other photos either look similar to one of these, or she looks too plain jane. And Tildy is definitely not plain jane. What do you think of our kitchen and its colors? I fell in love at first sight, makes me think I'm in a rustic cabin. Others feel like they're in a pirate's galley, but you're unable, in this pic, to see the main reason why..

One good Tildy deserves another...


cher said...

oooh! as a landlord, i'd be pissed. as your friend, i think it's funny. (mainly because of the make work project you now have on your hands!)maybe for the last month you could just let her stay with the in-laws. it would save a lot of hassle and you potentially not getting back your deposit.

she is adorable though. my camera doesn't do Gonzo, my cat and justice either.

and of course i want to see why others feel like they're in a pirate's galley. take a pic before you move and post it!!

jblueafterglow said...

having her stay at the in-laws won't work, as they won't be able to keep her inside, and i'm sure once she's out she's hightailing it out of sight.. literally.. her tail has got some vert..