Monday, October 24, 2005

Jon Stewart Intelligence Agency

You probably know by now that Jon Stewart is fantastic. I only recently discovered how great his Daily Show is, wish I knew about it when it first aired. And it wasn't until today, less than five minutes ago, that I stumbled upon this site: Jon Stewart Intelligence Agency

I haven't seen much of the website beyond a page of quotes, and need to get back to studying for my midterm tomorrow (the effects of media on socialization.. ironic?), but will be checking it out some more in the coming days. Enjoy.


cher said...

for some reason baCK WHEN I DID HAVE CABLE I ALWAYS SKIPPED PAST HIM. I THINK IT'S BECAUSE I'M TOO DUMB TO GET IT. oops sorry about the cap lock deal too dumb to fix that too.

cher said...

i think you lie about visiting my blog. in fact i think you lie about having a blog. blog neglector.

jblueafterglow said...

i do visit your blog, i swear.. i just don't feel inclined to leave comments because everyone seems to have something great to say, and i don't.. which is also the reason i don't post much, but it's been increasing..

i don't get this comment box, it only pops up when you click 'post a comment', but not when you just click 'comments'. not cool dude.. i want it to pop up as soon as you click comments..

cher said...

i don't know what to tell you about the pop up thing. maybe email blogger and ask them.

and as far as you not having something great to say goes, well i don't want you to have a brain aneurysm trying to think of something, but you must have a thought or two now and then. but i was mainly just giving you a hard time. it was nice to be missed, by the way.