Wednesday, October 19, 2005

House and Biscotti

Starting now, I'll be using this blog less anonymously, as can already be seen by the profile pic I posted a few days ago. I'll probably remain jblueafterglow and Biscotti will probably remain Biscotti, but you'll notice changes, that's for sure, including more pics to jazz up this blog o' mine.

The thing that is taking up much of our time these days, besides the kids that come and go far too often, is our new house. We've been painting and sanding and having security installed and replacing furnace and all sorts of other fun stuff. I say "we", but it's mostly been Biscotti and Biscotti's parents, who somehow have endless amounts of energy.

Here's our house:

And here's a pic of Biscotti:


cher said...

don't forget to mention that you've been busy putting up christmas lights...

biscotti is beautiful! no wonder you popped the question!

I think your house is great. I love being a home owner. It's a big undertaking and kinda scary at first, but we've had no regrets.

Hey, thanks for the link! feel free to comment when you visit!!

I had plans on being anonymous too when I started my blog, but then i thought, whatever, I'm not posting my street address and I don't think i'm exactly stalking material. besides, how else could i show off my cute kid?

haven't gotten very far with the ipod thing. i think rob filled it out though. i need to read the emails they sent cuz i guess there's some things to do on my part.

jblueafterglow said...

wow, quickest comment ever. non-spam that is. i've tried to change my comments to a pop-up box but it's not consistent like yours cher. i think you can only see profile pics when it's a pop-up box. i want pop-up box! what should i do?

cher said...

well, i'm not really sure. change it to a pop up box again and i'll tell you what happens. i am heading to bed now though, so i'll check in tomorrow.
wait a minute, i'm typing in a comment box pop up right now. but i can see the original comments on full screen underneath it. and i can see profile picks too. but only when i click post a comment. i also always have to click the refresh button to see the comment i just left.
ok, try to change the setting to the pop up comment box option and i'll check in tomorrow. we'll call this "Plan A".