Thursday, October 20, 2005

Is It Me? Is It Her? Is It Us?

For the past several years Biscotti and I worked at GM Place during Canucks games. Then last season there was no season, which screwed me and Biscotti financially. (As a big hockey fan, getting paid while 'working' at Canucks games was an awesome perk.)

This year, we've been working after-school programs at an elementary school Monday to Friday. Except now there is no school which means no after-school programs which means Biscotti and I are screwed again. It's not all bad, we do have other jobs. But still, now that we have a mortgage and wedding to think about, the extra moola we would've had from the past year and a half would've come in handy.

Those of you who want to contribute to the 'Biscotti and jblueafterglow mortgage & wedding fund', please contact us. You may soon find us on a street corner downtown with a handwritten cardboard sign and a sad dog at our side (and maybe we'll be featured on Cher's new blog). Or we may don a red hoody and screwdriver and track Jason down (is that in poor taste?).

Spare a loonie?

1 comment:

cher said...

definately not in poor taste if it makes me laugh. i read about your friend getting mugged. i hope he doesn't go to my site, he might recognize me.

that's so funny that you would put that link to our new blog(thanks by the way)...i was going to suggest you try panhandleing. i think it's a viable option