Monday, October 31, 2005

For The Last Of The Month

When is a pinch not a pinch? When it's the first part of the pinch-and-a-punch devastating combo.

For as long as I can remember, way back when I was but a wee lad, my family has played a fun little game. On the last day of each month, each person tries to pinch and punch each other person while saying "pinch and a punch for the last of the month". Sometimes people have gotten woken up by being pinched and punched.

That's not the end of it. The next day the exact same thing happens, except this time it's "pinch and a punch for the first of the month". If one person can get another person on consecutive days, well then they are obviously the masters of the universe, and can walk around with their chins up and their chests out for a full month before needing to defend their title.

Tis a fun game with many nuances. Since I moved out, and with my parents currently in New Zealand and my bro currently in Victoria, Biscotti and I are going mano à womano for this Halloween edition. Today I got her. Wish me luck tomorrow..

Happy Halloween! Has anyone seen Saw 2 yet? If not, are you going to?


cher said...

ooooo! a saw 2???? i miss sooooo much not having cable at times. you bet i'll see it! i thought the first one was really good in the most stressful way possible.

a pinch and a punch hey? that's really funny. i'll have to remember for next month as i think the only person i may see tomorrow is crofton and i just don'tr think he'll get it. of course, i could just randomly do it to people at the grocery store...

jblueafterglow said...

you saw saw? not many people i know have seen it. i can think of one, two now with you. i thought it was fantastic. scary movies, to me, are usually lame and sometimes laughable, but this did the trick. so realistic and suspenseful.. i can't wait to see saw2. i'm assuming (hoping) that saw and saw2 will eventually be released as a tandem dvd pack, and i'll be there when it happens. not sure if i'll see saw2 in theatres, although i'd like to, but i will defintely see it

cher said...

i know it's bad, but i wait till they're on disk and then burn them.

i read on someones blog today that saw 2 was unexpectably good. i know i never have my hopes up too high for sequels.

have you seen the new Amnityville horror? the remake of the classic? it's good too!