Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Woo-hoo! Another wild release of mine has been caught, and I can now say it's been journaled!! I watched the book after leaving it and saw a girl pick it up and take it with her! The release was on Sunday, two days ago, as part of the 'Word on the Street' event at the downtown library. I got the journal entry just moments ago.. This all has to do with bookcrossing.com, but you already knew that didn't you? That's right, you did!

I recently took a French class to update my ability to communicate in French.. In my high school days I was pretty good at the French, but as the years went by my skills became diminished.. Reading it was far easier than understanding someone who was speaking it.. Therefore, I would like to retain as much of it as I possibly can.. My goal is to read a French novel.. This should probably be done pretty soon, or else, if history has taught me anything, I will have difficulty getting past the title of the novel.. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me on what I should read? Any suggestions are welcome.. I'd like to start somewhat simple, and work my way up.. The simple start should still be challenging though..

My last three posts have all been done on Tuesdays. What's up with that?

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