Friday, October 08, 2004

SO GOOD, So Good, so good...

Go Sox! (is what I've been saying) Yankees Suck! (is what my t-shirt has been saying)

Just like last year, the Boston Red Sox are flirting with success in the playoffs.. Right now they are up two games to zero on the Angels in the best of five divisional series. If they win today then they move on to the American League Championships against either the Twins or the Yankees. That series is tied at one game apiece.

If the Sox can reverse the curse and win the World Series, it would be ├╝ber-cool for this reason: I attended a game at Fenway this season! To be able to say that I saw the Sox play, at Fenway, during the season in which they broke the curse, would be something else.. The only other major league games I've attended were on consecutive days at the Kingdome (now extinct), Mariners vs the Angels. At Fenway this year, I saw the Sox defeat the Blue Jays. Many knowledgeable baseball people say that win turned the season around for the Sox, as it started a long winning streak. Shortstop Cabrera was booed mercilessly by the hometown fans as he tried to do too much and ending up doing nothing (grounder through his legs scored a run or two). The fans weren't yet over the loss of Nomar.. (guy sitting in front of us, on a foul odor in our midst: "it wasn't me, I swear to Nomah, it wasn't me..") It's good to see Cabrera doing well. That bases loaded triple in game two was huge.

In other news, thank you all for your input regarding the French novel. The number of suggestions surprised even me, and it will take me many days, possibly weeks, possibly months, to sort through the comments and select my debut "roman". I will let you know what it is when I know what it is.

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