Friday, October 15, 2004

Get a Roundabout Life!

So as I was saying, I nearly got hit by a driver again today.. I bike defensively, which, even on the designated "bike routes", is a necessity, but some drivers are just too ignorant.. This afternoon I was headed south on Cypress Street, and turning right to head west on 7th.. I should note that both of these streets are designated "bike routes".. A driver, who was driving a van for a company that shall not remain nameless (Mr. Rooter), was heading east on 7th and wanted to turn left to head north on Cypress. This intersection has one of those fun roundabouts that people don't seem to know how to use. Or they just like to shortcut. This driver, instead of going the proper counter-clockwise direction to turn left, simply took a hard left.. Upon seeing me directly in front of him, he slammed on the brakes.. "Go the other way" I told him, making the appropriate hand gestures.. He rolled down his window and said, "Some vehicles can't make it around that way". "Really? Well, I have no doubt that this vehicle can make it around." This van was no bigger than the average mini-van.. I asked him to prove to me that he couldn't make it around, but he instructed me to "get a life" and drove off..

Should I inform Mr. Rooter of this driver? By telling them the intersection and date/time they can probably figure out who it was.. Although I don't think they would care.. I'm wondering if the police would care, and if they ever patrol any of the "bike routes" in this city for negligent drivers. They should, and they should do it disguised as regular cyclists to get a true sense of what it's like..

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