Saturday, September 04, 2004

Getting Settled

I'm still not quite sure what I'm capable of on this site. It's taking some getting used to, that's for sure. I have updated (see: improved) my profile some, although I'm 99.7841% sure no one has seen it as of me writing this sentence.. Mostly because I haven't told anyone that I've started this blog. I will probably be sending out another group email to a select few to inform them..

I went camping a couple of days ago with my girlfriend, whom I shall call Biscotti, because that's what I really do call her. We went up near Joffre Lakes, which is north of Pemberton, which is north of Whistler.. It was very early September, we left on the first, so we were prepared for regular camping, with regular summer-ish clothes. When we first stepped out of the car, we felt a gust of cold air, but thought nothing of it. After all, since we'd been inside a warm car for the 3+ hour drive, it was bound to be cold as we opened the doors. The hike in was more strenuous than anticipated, and quite wet and muddy. By the time we got to Lake Rohr, we were semi-exhausted, and it was then that the snow started falling. Alrighty then, it's gonna be like this, is it? We had, fortunately, packed a couple of toques and some fleece clothing, "just in case", and I'm super glad we did. Our planned two-nighter turned pretty quickly into a one-nighter.. It's a beautiful place, glaciers and lakes and all, but the coolest part is that you feel all alone for many miles around.. Kind of because you are.. And that is what made me have bears on the mind until we got back to the car.. With no one else around, you know who the bears are gonna go after! Tried to make light of it, "No bears! No bears!" we chanted as we clapped our hands, but it was weighing heavy, let me tell ya.. And wouldn't you know it, we ended up having a bear encounter. A cute cub was eating some delicious looking berries, mere metres away from us. That's right, mere metres. We were starting to think that where there's cub, there's mom, when the cub turned and disappeared into the bush. Both of us suitably relieved, Biscotti put the car back into drive and off we went, homeward bound.

Now I must go watch the remainder of the Finland / Sweden hockey match.. Go Canada! (tonight vs Russia)

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