Saturday, September 11, 2004

I've Got it Oh-So-Tough.

So here's the situation: The women's U.S. Open final is being played right now, or could possibly be over, and I'm struggling. You see, there were two men's semi-finals earlier today. In the first one, Aussie Hewitt beat Johansson (sp?) in straight sets. Then the second semi was starting just as I had to leave to catch a Fringe show. The second semi featured skilled Federer versus Henman. I taped it. When I got home it was ten to four and the Canadian hockey team was 2 minutes into their semi-final match against the Czech Republic. I let the tape continue to record channel 15 in case Federer and Henman were still playing. The tape would run out at 5, which happened to be when the women's final started.. At 5 minutes to 5, I flipped to channel 15 and thankfully there was a cartoon coming to an end. I took the tape out and put in another tape, pressed record again. I then watched the rest of the Canada game.. yowzers! What a thriller.. Here's a brief summary: Canada won in overtime! What? I did say it would be brief.. The Canadians now play Finland on Tuesday.. Oh shoot, I have plans to see a Fringe show on Tuesday. Gonna have to figure that out.. Tape the game? No. More likely to see the fringe show on another night.. I hope that's possible..

And now back to tennis. It's now 7:18 and the match started at 5. My mind is telling me that women's matches can last anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. I'm thinking of just letting the tape run for the four hours. Let me try to explain why. If I flip to channel 15 now, and I see them playing, then I know that the match lasts at least 2 hours and twenty minutes. Let's say that one of the Russians has a match point in the second set at the 1 hour-10 minute mark. I know who is going to win the point and the suspense is gone. Poof. If I don't flip to it, and just let the tape run out, then I have no idea how long the match is and can get appropriately tense/amazed/thrilled at the appropriate times. Understand? Of course, once that tape is done, I first have to watch the Federer match. Know why? Because no doubt the commentators, during the women's final, will reveal who won the men's semis.. whew.

The Fringe. I
've never seen a Fringe show before. It's a once-a-year festival here in Vancouver that showcases many different types of performers that wouldn't really have anywhere else to perform. These performers tour, so they hit festival after festival around the world.. Today I saw a show with Biscotti called @witsend. It featured a standup comic from New Zealand ("'the Shire' as you probably know it") who was brilliant. I was hoping he would have a very typical Kiwi accent, but it was only noticeable on a few occassions throughout the show. I'm guessing he's losing it because he does so much touring. His accent I'm talking about. Not "losing it" in the "what a nutball" sense.. He had so much to say that his 50 minute set was all over the place, but in a good way. Segued very well and was very engaging.

Now I must figure out Tuesday and solve my women's-final crisis.

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