Friday, September 10, 2004

Accessorizing my Bicycle

Currently rainy and windy. That last word is pronounced win-dee, not wine-dee; wouldn't make much sense if it was the latter now would it? I mention the weather only because I finally put the front fender on my bike today. Okay, it wasn't so much me as a nice guy at Cheapskates who put it on. Might seem like a simple job that I should've been able to do myself, but to my credit this bike expert needed a good 10-15 minutes to do the job. Granted, he didn't call himself a bike expert, I bestowed that upon him just now, but he works in a bike shop, so he should be an expert right? The nice guy didn't even charge me.. Just told me to do someone else a favor today.. I said, 'pay it forward, gotcha, thanks'. I haven't seen the movie but I was able to reference it, that takes some skill right? Right? No, it doesn't. Anyway, my bike now has a front fender to match the rear fender and riding when it's wet should be a bit better.. The only thing I have to worry about now are the idiots in their vehicles who can't seem to understand basic traffic signs and don't know how to use their indicators. Of course, I don't mean you, unless you're an idiot who can't comprehend easy commands and aren't trained enough or smart enough to make your turn signals function.... Then there are the jerks who like to use the bike routes as shortcuts.. I could go on. I won't.

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