Monday, November 05, 2007

The Blog Show Winner!

Once upon a time I held a contest: The Blog Show. The draw date was six months ago today, and a couple of weeks after the draw the winner, Jason, received his grand prize. Yesterday I received an email from Jason, with pictures attached of the on-the-spot prize (toy cat) and the grand prize (bottle of wine).

Here's what Jason had to say, followed by the pics..

Hey Rob,

Thanks much -- we enjoyed the bottle, and still hide the cat in unsuspecting places around the apartment for each other. :D

Cheers lad!


cher said...

dude? you had a contest?
shoot. it must have been during my blog down time. i'm sad about it to say the least, because i know how to cheat like crazy.

and jason is a cutie pie ;)

cher said...

oh, and i posted some pics for you on my blog of halloween as promised. i have lost my camera---AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!--- so they are other peoples photos. none of the kids either :(

jblueafterglow said...

tis a shame you missed the contest. had you entered you would have had a 33.33333333% chance of winning - actually probably more since you have mad cheating skillz. can't argue with your jason comment. does your lost camera (it's in your lingerie drawer, don't ask) have more halloween pics on it? find it! and again, great homemade costumes!

cher said...

lol- which is great because i hadn't lol'd yet today! so thanks!

stodmyk said...

Aw shucks, Cher, thanks. And here I was, embarrassed cuz I hadn't done my hair and makeup before the picture shoot!

Gloria said...

you still giving away those little kitty's? i got one from the contest i entered! :P congrats jason!

cher said...

jason- well, i was a little disappointed in the lack of eyeliner, but whatever. I just checked out your profile. We have the exact same taste in movies and books. weird.

jblueafterglow said...

cher - thanks, literally, for the comment. but why are you tasting books? weird indeed.

jason - don't lie! you told me you spent two full hours on hair and makeup.

glo - twas the same contest. jason was the sole winner and you were the sole loser, but a graceful loser! actually, i consider all the people who didn't enter to be bigger losers. cher excepted of course.

cher said...

it's weird to taste books? why? it's not like i'm swallowing.