Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Das Indians

I have added many pics from 2005 and 2006 to the previously-2007-dominated Surrey Indians photo album on flickr. Take a look, won't ya?


cher said...

your teammate clayton's picture cracked me up. i bet him and i would have gotten kicked out of many classes in highschool together.

enter my contest! enter my contest!!

cher said...

although I agree with your mom's thought of words being alive and evolving... i'm sorry. you are totally right. and i'm going to have to back you. there are other words and literally, as a word, is very specific...and THAT is what makes the whole topic so ironic. I also think you COULD fill a whole book with the misuse of the word literally. Each chapter could be different though. Like maybe one chapter of kids misusing for politicians, one for chapter from people you hate... one chapter from over heard comments from strangers. one chapter from movies or tv shows...etc.

i think you are on to something and the brilliant thing is, you could write a book without having to put too many of your own words in it, which could be a real time saver.

i also think you should enter my freaking contest already.

jblueafterglow said...

funny thing is, that is clayton's actual batting stance.

a book with each chapter being different demographics is a great idea. last night i came across a blog devoted to the use - both correct and incorrect - of literally. it's quite enlightening, as the posters and readers discuss each entry to decide if it's correct or incorrect, or correct but unnecessary. i've edited the intro of my very-modest-in-comparison literally post to include a link to it. if a book is to be written, it'll be written by the creators and editors of that blog.

i've been trying to come up with a good prize for your contest, nothing yet..

cher said...

you are right. you have come up with nothing. oh wait, never mind. i just happen to have a helicopter in my backyard and complete and utter manageereal (sp? is there even a word?)control of the pipetts career, so i think it's do-able.
rats. i wasted my reponse on your blog. now i have to come up with something else for my comments.

i say plagerize and get to the publishing part already. this idea has meat. even vegitarians would read it.

jblueafterglow said...

what the? our job is to come up with a prize idea; your job is to figure out the logistics. no excuses!

cher said...

lol-ok...i'll figure something out.