Sunday, November 18, 2007

Be Good, Lose Weight, Pics of Kittens

I recently discovered that Douglas Coupland blogged during the summer of 2006 for The New York Times. In one post he writes about an experience while in Cologne:
I met Nick Hornby in the hotel lobby. His flight was canceled and so he had to kill the afternoon at the hotel, which is the most boring thing that can happen to you on a tour, so I commiserated. His new book is coming out in May. I think its title is, “How to Be Good.” His publisher told him he’ll sell thousands of copies unintentionally to people who’ll think it’s a self-help book, especially in the U.S. We then tried to think up names for novels that would sell thousands of copies based purely on the name. My best idea was, “Lose Weight Fast With Pictures of Kittens.”
A different post on the blog includes a link to Jenny Holzer's list of truisms.


cher said...

so the official contest is posted. go. read. do.
in that order.

jblueafterglow said...

i did go. i did read. i'll do later. is a shakespearean sonnet okay?