Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lauding Local Letters

In this week's Georgia Straight [November 8-15, 2007] (which has an online story about "Cyprus" Mountain):

I didn't bother to respond to your article "Gas prices affect TransLink" [Oct. 25–Nov. 1], as I expected others to jump on the rich irony. As this has been neglected, I wish to point it out in an alternate headline: "TransLink dependent on cars". Is there no conflict of interest to having the body responsible for promoting mass transit receiving a quarter of its funding from people ignoring mass transit? Is it not at least ironic that TransLink would be disappointed that less people are driving due to high gas prices? All this is further highlighted by this week's report of senior TransLink officials unabashedly charging the taxpayer up to $15,000 in one year for their car allowance. I mean, c'mon.
> Mike Soret / Vancouver

In Wednesday's Vancouver Courier [November 7, 2007]:

Re: "Mayor disappoints the disabled," Nov, 2.
Oh I get it! Just like the executives at TransLink, who promote bus travel to the masses while soaking the taxpayer for their car travel expenses (the bus is too inconvenient and time consuming for these fat cats) the mayor, all comfy with his six-figure income, adapted vehicle, and staff-recommended parking meter exemption decal, has one set of standards for himself and another for everybody else! Let those on disability incomes feed their grocery money to the meters, limp to food banks for Kraft Dinner, and generally stay out of your way. Mr. Sullivan, NPA, as you sit pretty with your parking perks, callously distancing yourself from the realities of people needing help, consider yourself on notice: come election time, the disabled will not be ignored. We will spend the hours needed to book the HandyFART albatross ride (four days in advance) and God-willing, if they show up, you will not be twirling the Olympic flag for the world in 2010! Count on it!

Lynne McDonald, Vancouver

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