Sunday, August 26, 2007


When was the last time you were at Splashdown Park in Tsawwassen? Before Friday, the last time I was there I was a single-digit age. On Friday Biscotti and I had a great time. More fun, I'm sure, than when I was a kid and very scared of the slides. I'm older and less scared now (but you still won't find me on most playland rides) and the slides were wicked awesome. All I can say is "Go! Go! Go!", no matter what age you are.


ME said...

I had a good time at Splashdown on Friday. I really like the Blackhole and the river rafter. It was cool. I want to go back again soon.

Mattias said...

Anne and I went a couple years ago and we giggled like babies the whole time. The dark side of water slides: A friend of mine used to work at waterslides near Vernon and she told me stories of big poops floating around for a long time before they could "catch" them with their nets. glad you guys had fun at splashdown . . . next year we'll be down with taking Eden, so we should make an afternoon of it.

jblueafterglow said...

one of many highlights was when one of two girls behind us in line at the blackhole came in front of us and said, "excuse me, my friend was wondering if we could go in front of you". biscotti: "no"