Monday, August 13, 2007


Over the August long weekend Biscotti and I took the dogs on their first ever camping trip, and we didn't make their camping debut easy for them. We drove on up past Pemberton to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park and then hiked three hours to the camping area located on the shore of Upper Joffre Lake. The dogs did remarkably well, especially considering how many campers were up there (approx. 25-30), including - strangely - a few people we know. As you might expect with two humans and two Maremma crosses sharing a tent designed for 2-3 humans, the two nights spent in the tent were cosy affairs. See evidence of the cosiness, and other pics from the Joffre trip, by clicking here.

Three Joffre videos by us on the right sidebar:

  1. Camping at Joffre
  2. Holly at Joffre
  3. Plunging into Joffre Lake


Betty said...

Hey Rob! Joffre Lakes is breathtaking! And the dogs are beautiful too!

I got the book in the mail today, and I just finished it! It was hilarious and I enjoyed it very much! Thanks! I'll journal it in BC in the morning.

I checked out Nellie McKay by the way, listened to some samples on Amazon. You're right, she's great! Thanks for the rec! =)

jblueafterglow said...

hey betty!

i disagree - i find joffre to be beautiful and the dogs to be breathtaking.

i'm glad the book arrived and that you liked it - but you still haven't journaled it!

i don't think it's possible to listen to nellie mckay and not think she's great (unless your name is sandra) - i hope the samples did her justice..