Thursday, August 09, 2007

Another Parked Car Crash!

A few hours after our Bourne triple-header yesterday (see previous post), Biscotti was affixing new license plates to our car which was parked in front of our house. As she worked on the front plate, a car traveling eastbound was passing a left-turner on the right and side-swiped our car! Biscotti had her right hand and right hip on the front of the car and was jolted. She turned and saw the car speed up, but was able to get their license plate number. Looking at the picture of the mark left on our car (click pic to enlarge), the driver surely knew that they had made contact.

Biscotti called 911 minutes later, and after giving all the info was told that all police cars now had the info and if they saw the car they would pull it over and question the driver. That doesn't sound like they are going to immediately and actively search for this car. Why the f### not? A hit and run, person hit, license plate number and color of car known, location given, direction the car was headed given, and well, if we happen to see it then we'll ask them some questions. What the f###? Seriously... What. The. F###?

This morning we spent two hours at ICBC. Yay. Does all of this sound familiar?


Biscotti said...

I am sorry i made you come with me this morning to icbc. You need to change the language use in your post. I just need to get used to the car getting hit once or twice a year.

jblueafterglow said...

as the saying goes, love means never having to go to icbc with your partner. okay, i'll change the language, but only slightly. i don't want to lose the original emotion. and yes, you and i just need to accept that our car was created primarily for the purpose of playing bumper cars. 'cept it's always the hittee. and always parked.

cher said...

that sucks. but still super funny to me. you guys should never stop driving your car. don't park it. ever.

jblueafterglow said...

hmm, don't ever park our car. you know, that's something we should probably seriously consider. we do have a carport but the roof is too low for our vehicle. we've been meaning to raise the roof (woowoo!) so that we can use it to port our car, and are now fastracking that plan. not to say our car will be hitproof there, but at least the scene will be different.