Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our Futon Cover

  1. Put two futon covers in wash
  2. Hang them both to dry in backyard
  3. Go out for evening
  4. Come home late and go to bed
  5. Wake up in the morning
  6. See only one futon cover hanging*
  7. Look all over backyard
  8. Ask neighbor if it's in their yard
  9. Denial over - someone swiped it
  10. About 5pm see something inside back gate
  11. Futon cover has been returned

* the cover that was taken was the one further out on the line and was very high up and would've taken mucho effort to get off the line and we found a few clothespegs on the ground with one clothespeg still on the line.

Possible explanations:

  • The thief couldn't look themselves in the mirror and returned it (doubtful)
  • The thief was a child and their parents made them return it (doubtful)
  • The thief realized that the futon cover didn't fit what the thief wanted it to fit and figured they'd return it (likely)

Can you think of any other explanations?

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