Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Section U, Row 10, Seat 11

Biscotti and I were at the PNE yesterday and found ourselves at the 5pm Superdogs show at the Pacific Coliseum. Halfway through the show the host, Chase, halted the proceedings for a special appearance by the president of the PNE, Michael McDaniel. The president was present to announce and deliver a spontaneous gift to a randomly selected audience member. The lucky winner would receive a four-night trip-for-two to a five-star Jamaican resort, valued at just over forty-seven hundred dollars. The president then announced that the winner was seated in Section U, Row 10, Seat 11. Because the seating for the Superdogs show is a free-for-all, and the section indicators are virtually invisible when seated, no one knew what section they were in, or what row and seat number they were in for that matter. Then a spotlight shone down in our general direction and people several rows in front of us were turning around and looking towards us. We couldn't find our seat number, but the seat directly to Biscotti's right held her bag and that upturned seat had the number 11 on it. Biscotti wondered aloud, Is it this seat? A few seconds later the guy sitting directly in front of Biscotti's bag stood up and made his way down to the floor to collect his prize.


rob said...

Awwww man!

cher said...

super dogs rock their little assets off! i've seen them twice!

jblueafterglow said...

rob - i know. it's funny, we were disappointed for the rest of the show/day even tho it was a total surprise and it was over with in less than five minutes.

cher - i know. my wife and i have seen them twice this year. she's actually been to the pne every single day and plans to be there today and tomorrow too to round out the sweep. i've missed a few days... that particular superdogs show was one of my favorites ever. they did musical mats and long frisbee toss & catch and racing and there was no dancing!