Friday, December 16, 2005

Images That Link

Over the past two days I've been tutoring myself in the field of linkable images. At first there was much confusion and anger. I'm not going to lie to you, quitting was definitely nigh. But then a breakthrough. Much like my Marek breakthrough a few posts ago, there was a sudden "a-ha" moment. Okay, not so much a moment as a five-minute span.

You can see the results thus far by viewing (and clicking!) my cool sites, located là-bas ------>

You can also view the results of my newfound capabilities by viewing my bookcrossing bookshelf. What? My bookshelf contains a wishlist? Just in time for Christmas? How convenient!

In future posts that contain images, try clicking on them (that is, click on the images, not the posts). Sometimes you'll be taken to a relevant site, sometimes you'll see a larger version of the same image, sometimes nothing will happen, and sometimes your computer screen will explode. But that's a risk you're willing to take right? I thought so.

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