Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dentist Confirmation

After not going to the dentist for a while, I went to a new one last June. Have to say I was quite pleased. Wasn't at all like the torture that I had previously thought was a necessary part of being a dentist's patient. They tried to make my next appointment on my birthday, but I screamed obscenities at them and they changed it. So my next appointment is tomorrow. As expected, I got a postcard from my dentist in the mail last week, asking me to call and confirm my scheduled appointment, which I promptly did. This morning, I got voicemail on my mobile. It was my dentist's office, reminding me of my appointment tomorrow. That in itself would be okay. I mean, if they have the time and energy to be calling all their patients the day before to remind them of their appointments, props to them. But no, they ended the message by asking me to call and confirm the appointment. So me calling and confirming the appointment just a week before is not enough, now I need to call and confirm once more, less than 24 hours before? Is this normal?

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cher said...

yes, this is very normal. and by normal i mean rediculous. it almost sounds like they are obsessed with you. needy and obsessed. i'd hate to know what would happen if you forgot after all that confirming.