Friday, May 23, 2008

Shipping Details

Here's the thing. When you're shipping something, do you check and double check that the address you're shipping to is complete and correct, including the postal code (or zip code)? I have recently started a new job and have discovered that a lot of people don't care to check addresses, or their checking and double checking is very substandard.

Here is a list of streets with some misspellings I have seen:
  • Arbutus Street - Abutus, Arutus, Anbutus, Arvutus, Arbustus
  • Balaclava Street - Balaca
  • Broadway Avenue - Braodway, Brodway
  • Burrard Street - Burrand, Burrad, Burnard, Bunnard, or Bunnand.
  • Cornwall Avenue - Cortwall, Kornwall
  • Cranberry Drive - Chanverry
  • Dumfries Street - Bumfries (Dumfries is pronounced Dum-freeze, but pronounce Bumfries however you wish!)
  • Duranleau Street - Duranaelu, Duranieav
  • Granville Street - Grandvile, Grandvil, Grantville, Grainville, Grancille, Greenville
  • Johnston Street - Johndton, Johnton
  • Marstrand Avenue - Marstarad
  • Shaughnessy Street - Shawnessy, nor Seanessy.
  • Vine Street/Pine Street - Oine (likely Pine, based on o and p being keyboard neighbors)
Some other things:

  • It's Burnaby, not Burnbury.
  • Make sure the postal code is correct - Main Street is not V6K and Lougheed Mall (in Burnaby!) is not V6J.
  • [address number deleted] WEST LLTH AVENUE - what the L?
  • John Doe, West 6th Ave is not sufficient - what is the address number?!
  • Secure the package - 'nuff said.
  • [name deleted]; Vancouver, BC; [address number deleted] West 110th Avenue; V6J 2B5 - which is exactly what I saw today - is incomprehensible. Were you trying for 10th or 11th Ave?
  • Check out this one: [address number deleted] W. 3rd Ave; Ontarria, BC, Canada; V6J 1K4. Ontarria?! WTF?
  • The Molson Brewery at 1550 Burrard Street is not in Vanderhoof and does not have a postal code beginning with V0J

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