Monday, May 26, 2008

Larissa & Demetri & Griffey

I have a prediction: On Jeopardy!, Larissa Kelly will beat Ken Jennings's record of seventy-four wins. Or at least shatter the women's record. Anyone know what the women's record is?

I saw comedian Demetri Martin on television recently. He made me laugh with this: She was amazing. I never met a woman like this before. She showed me to the dressing room. She said: “If you need anything, I’m Jill.” I was like, “Oh, my God! I never met a woman before with a conditional identity. What if I don’t need anything? Who are you?” — “If you don’t need anything, I’m Eugene.”

I've heard that Ken Griffey Jr. may return to play for the Seattle Mariners in the near future. This would be fantastic. The Biscot and I are going to see the Ms play the Boston Red Sox on back-to-back days in July. Please make it so before then.


Andy Saunders said...

The womens' record: It's 5. No woman has won more than five.

In any case, I really don't think that she's going to break 74 -- Ken was just that much more dominant than Larissa was -- and Ken's dominance really shielded him from the vagaries of Final Jeopardy!. Larissa's snuck by the skin of her teeth a couple of times already; soon, the law of averages will catch up to her.

jblue said...

Hey, Andy. Larissa won yesterday, so if your facts are correct then she tied the women's record! Now it's on to Ken's record.. But I'll admit it's mostly wishful thinking. She squeaked out yesterday's win - I was surprised she was the only one to get Final Jeopardy! correct. Her all-in FJ! bet was bold. I guess it made sense though - gotta think that the leader, who was just a couple of hundred ahead, will bet a lot (or all) and be correct.

Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Well, six games and out. If you bet it all on DD you better know
such EASY answers as Chevalier and Le Havre (Den Hagen, The Hague), which a HISTORY Ph D ought to know... Too bad, LK and all fans.

jblue said...

Yeah, can't say I'm surprised, though it would've been great to have her make a run that approached even just a quarter of Ken's record. Ah well. NEXT!