Thursday, May 01, 2008

Paula Abdul's Gaffe

I'm not an American Idol viewer, but it's difficult to live one's life without hearing about certain happenings on that ubiquitous show. Mostly I tune out (for the second time, I suppose), but yesterday I came across a story that is so great that I'm now here blogging about it. So you know it's gotta be great.

American Idol’s loopiest judge made the biggest and most cringeworthy gaffe in the show’s history.

Since the Top 5 had two songs to sing, the judges were going to critique them after their second performance. OK, makes sense. But at the midway point, after each contender performed their first song, Ryan brought the five on stage and asked the judges what they thought so far.

After Randy gave his thoughts, Paula began. “Jason, the first song, I loved hearing your lower register, which we never really hear. The second song, I felt like your usual charm wasn’t… it was missing for me, it kind of left me a little empty. And the two songs made me feel like you’re not fighting hard enough to get into the Top 4.”

Um, whaaaaaaaaaaat!?!

Randy immediately jumped in and laughingly reminded Paula that the contestants had only performed one song, which she then gasped, red-faced and blathered, “Oh my God, I thought you sang twice!” Even Simon, who would have normally been making fun of her, attempted to rescue her.

It’s easy to chalk up the blunder to confusion on Paula's part but as far as I’m concerned, it can only be perceived in two ways: either Paula took notes during the contestants’ dress rehearsals and used them; or, Paula was reading notes given to her by the show’s producers.

Either way you cut it, it’s pretty damaging. And while the conspiracy theorist that I am may be reading too much into this, doesn’t it make you scratch your head a little? The judges should have no access to the contestants during rehearsals, and should only be giving feedback based on what the viewing public sees. But if her comments – which she stutters through, night after night – are written by someone other than her, then the show’s got a whole other mess to clean up.

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Mattias said...

Rob, the video is even more condemning:

jblue said...

thanks for the link. i like the grammatically challenged title of the video, Is American Idol Scripted Or Paula Abdul Is On Crack