Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Perp Deer Bell

Merry Christmas! Happy Boxing Day!
Now onto business...

After watching last night's 1 vs 100 - that's right, I watched it - I was left to ponder the concept of idiocy. And the failure of the American education system. All because of one question:

Santa just successfully parallel parked his sleigh!
Which part of it is now perpendicular to the curb?
A) Passenger-side door
B) Driver-side door
C) Back end

Readers, please lock in your votes... Now, most contestants on this show have been pretty good, which is to say of high intelligence, at least concerning the questions ask. I consider the question above to be one of, if not the, easiest questions yet asked. The contestant's gut told her the answer was C), unexcitingly, and I awaited the next question. But then she said needed to think for a moment. After thinking for a moment, she ruled out B) and C). What the heck had she been thinking about? How to make lasagna? She then locked in with A), somehow convinced that when a vehicle is parallel parked, its passenger-side door - and yet, at the same time, not the driver-side door - is perpendicular to the curb.

Of course, as I hope you all know, she was wrong. And it gets better. Of the 99 mob members who also answered the question, 54 also got it wrong. Which means that 55 out of 100 seemingly educated people didn't know what perpendicular means. 55%. That is incredible.

Here's a fun game for you, courtesy one of Biscotti's sisters: Reindeer Tipping. Use the arrows on your keyboard to run around, and when a reindeer is sleeping - watch for zzzzzzz's - run into their side to tip them. 50 points for a regular tip, 100 points for Rudolph! Watch out for hazards, including Santa chasing you with a shovel. If he beats you with the shovel, game over. Let me know how many points you can get, and I'll tell you my high score, give or take a few hundred.
Edited December 27th 2006 at 8:46pm: I cracked the top 1000, twice. Click the high scores link and look at the top right corner. Also made #673. Believe it. You can see it.

Lastly, a posting I posted in February got rudely ignored. Maybe it was a little out of season. My bad. I link to it now with low expectations, but I do believe it is worth checking out. Jingle Bells Reversed.


stodmyk said...

Reindeer tipping is hilarious. Oddly addictive, considering I dislike Xmas.

As for Jingle Bells Reversed: You're a bastard.

When's the next poker night?

jblueafterglow said...

glad you enjoyed tipping reindeer. i had to cut myself off cold turkey.

jingle bells reversed: thanks!

poker: soon, thinking within a month