Friday, December 29, 2006

Norvan Falls

Took the dogs to Norvan Falls today. A splendid outing. There weren't many people, which surprised me, it being a sunny Friday. And then after the clearing, approximately halfway to the falls, the dogs and I were very very alone. Eerily so. I did some "no bear" calls (okay, a lot of "no bear" calls) and clapped my hands many times, much to the confusion of the dogs, as that is how we call them from a distance. It was also after the clearing that a few snowflakes fluttered lightly to the ground. I guessed it hadn't snowed there in a while, as the path, where there was white stuff, was icy as heck. Got to the falls, admired it, then turned to head back. Not five minutes later and it was full-on snowing; the path back now covered in a fresh dumping. After starting the post-clearing path, I didn't see anyone until almost back to the clearing when I passed two guys headed to the falls. I sized them up; yeah I could outrun them, no more bear worries. It continued to snow until I was nearly back to the car. It was beautiful.

I made good time, if I do say so myself. Can't give you on-the-trail exacts, but at 10:31am I was at Clark & 12th in east Van, en route to the parking lot at Lynn Headwaters, and I was back inside the car, post-walk, at 2:20pm. From the various websites I just browsed, the trail distance is either 14 or 15 kilometres and the duration is either 4 or 5 hours. I walked briskly and would break only for a minute or two every half hour or so to let the dogs get a drink from a creek. Now I'm knackered, so are the dogs.

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