Sunday, November 05, 2006

Halloween 2006

After last year's post of pumpkin pictures, Biscotti was demanding the same this year. So here is this year's post of pumpkin pictures. Please note that, in keeping with tradition, once again I did not help at all with the carving. Everything you see is thought of and executed by Biscotti. Click a pic to enlarge that pic. Click the bottom pic to see a hip pumpkin video. We are pretty sure we were treated to a lot fewer trick-or-treaters compared to last year. No official stats, but that's the feeling we get. And get this, even with this many lit pumpkins, kids and their parents would walk on by if the front house light wasn't on. C'mon people, with this many lit pumpkins, come on up to the door! Lit pumpkin=candy. Lots of lit pumpkins=lots of candy! Besides, turning on the light reduces the pumpkin effect.


Anonymous said...

Nice, i did something similar on my blog

jblueafterglow said...

cool. i took a look at your blog but couldn't understand much, nice pics though!

thanks for commenting