Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dates. Not Raisins.

Nothing exciting to write about, which is why I haven't done much blogging. I have been keeping my eyes and ears open (which is out of the ordinary for me), hoping to see or hear something out there in the world that I wanted to post about, or even link to. I would discover something, mull it over, then decide that it was not post-worthy.

For now, some dates I'm looking forward to, and why:
  • November 30 2006 - Canucks vs Ducks! Years ago I worked at Canucks games. For six seasons I "attended" almost every game. I saw McSorley hit Brashear. I saw Bertuzzi hit Moore. I saw a lot of goals. My last shift there was the heartbreaking game seven OT loss to the Flames in round one of the playoffs in 2003. Since that game, I have not been back inside GM Place. Until this coming Thursday!! Biscotti and I bought tickets, first row balcony, and are salivating in anticipation - more me than her. Serendipitously, the game is on my last day of classes, and is PayPerView. An old joke: the Anaheim team should be called the Anaheim Ucks. Why? Because they've got no D! It's an old joke partly because the last meeting of Nucks & Ducks was a 6-0 romp by the bad guys.
  • December 2 2006 - my birthday! Biscotti and I are getting the heck out of town, and into a B&B on Bowen Island, courtesy of K&K. For those of you who have yet to buy me anything for my bday - c'mon people, seven days and counting (down), what are ya waiting for - a new flat screen TV would fit real nicelike in our living room. And I mean real nicelike.
  • February 3 2007 - Barenaked Ladies! In concert at GM Place. How we got tix - link.
  • Spring 2007 - Surrey Indians! A whole new baseball season begins. After last season's oh-so-close finale, I am eagerly awaiting this coming season and all the promise it brings. Especially with yet another team website; somehow they keep getting better, attaboy Kel. Click here to see Kel's masterful creation.

Admin stuff: new pics have been added to flickr. Not many, but I've hit my monthly max so you'll have to be waiting jusqu'au Decembre for more. Waaaaiit for it. Also, two new videos by us: Sexson Homer and "Beeeeeeeer Heeeeeere"

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