Sunday, September 24, 2006

one red paperclip

Have you heard the one about the guy who started with one red paperclip and set out to make a series of trades, with the goal of one day trading for a house? He did it. It's a true story. The guy's name is Kyle MacDonald. The first trade netted him a fish-shaped pen, followed by a hand-sculpted doorknob. Future trades got him, among other things, a snowmobile, a recording contract, and, finally, on July 5, 2006, a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan (hi Rob and Andrea!). I used the word finally, but the first trade occured on July 14, 2005, so he went from one red paperclip to a house in less than a year. Mighty impressive. It's a cool story, with the trades happening all over North America.

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andrea said...

Hi from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!
I have NO idea where Kipling, Saskatchewan, if you're not from Saskatoon, Regina, or Moosejaw, I've probably never heard of it and neither has anyone else on the planet (except the people from Kipling). Haha. Cool story!

jblueafterglow said...

Poor poor overlooked Kipling. Always overshadowed by heavyweights like Moose Jaw. This world ain't fair, is it Andrea? But at least you and I know that Kipling is located in Saskatchewan, that's more than most people who don't live in Kipling know about Kipling, which apparently "has a population of 1,140 people who enjoy a quality lifestyle".