Friday, September 01, 2006

DMB @ The Gorge!

Biscotti and I are leaving tomorrow morning to head on down to the Gorge in George, WA to see Dave Matthews Band. In preparation for hitting the road, I do what many of you probably do first or close-to-first: I think of what CDs to bring. Now, in the past on road-trips-to-concerts, the practice has been to listen to CDs of the band that you are about to see. So, the live DMB CDs that I have would be perfect. Red Rocks is great, Listener Supported is very good, and Central Park is phenomenal. However, I'm putting a new practice into play tomorrow. I'll take those CDs, or at least one of them, but only to listen to on the drive back home, to re-live the concert, in a way. On the way there, we'll listen to some of our other favorite bands, then the concert will seem that much more... that much more... I need a good word here.. that much more sensational? Yeah, that's a good word.

We're hoping to be camping at the Gorge tomorrow night, but due to a ticketmaster system snafu, that may not be happening. Details on that, and a brief-or-detailed concert review, with-or-without pictures, on our return. Maybe.

Have a good long weekend everyone..

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