Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Curved Shower Rods

A few months back I was getting a tour of a friend's new place and when we got to the bathroom I noticed that their bathtub, like ours, was, and probably still is, quite narrow. I commented on it and said that I find our tub annoying. When showering, there is very limited left-right space for my wingspan. My right arm rubs against the shower curtain and my left arm bangs against the wall. Even worse, they didn't even place the rod parallel to the side of the tub; they placed it inside of the side, making a narrow space even narrower. I'm able to push the shower curtain out a bit before it even touches the tub. Another friend, who was also getting the tour, said that what we needed was a curved shower rod. He explained what a curved shower rod is, and I thought, yeah, he's right, we do need a curved shower rod. I thought that thought many times, usually while showering and experiencing unwanted arm/curtain rubbing.

Then came the honeymoon. In our hotel at Disneyland, guess what they had? If you guessed a delicious continental breakfast just like they advertised, you're way off. But they had curved shower rods! There was so much room to maneuvre in. Oh, it was heaven. I was swinging my arms to and fro, at first casually, but then I got more into it, and eventually I was waving them in the air like I just didn't care. Shortly after arriving back home, the very next day in fact, we went out and bought a curved shower rod. The very next day after that, we installed it. The very next day after that, showering was that much more enjoyable. We put it as far out as possible, while still using the original holes in the wall. It could go farther than what it's at, meaning there's still ample tub-side above the curtain's bottom, but it's as far as it can go without affecting the opening of the bathroom door. I strongly recommend this device, especially if you have a narrow tub, as rude as that sounds.

And now you know a lil' something about our shower. Next up: our toilet.

(Note - that is neither myself nor Biscotti in the shower. It is our international exchange student, Makiki. Kidding!! I got that pic off of google images. In case you're wondering, we don't have any exchange students.)


Makiki said...

I think I overheard this bent shower rod learning experience, and I've thought about you in your narrow scrub space every time I think about shower rods. Congrats on your curved rod!

jblueafterglow said...

Makiki! How could you have overheard it with your ears full of soap suds? You think about shower rods often? I thought I was the only one. Perhaps we should start a "shower rod thinking" club..