Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bottled Water

I've never been much for buying and/or drinking bottled water, and thanks to

Bottled Water: A Global Environmental Problem

it'll stay that way for a lonnnnnng time. Maybe forever.

The link takes you to one of the Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007, and I thank
Mr. Cumiskey for spreading "the news that didn't make the news". Attakid. Mr. Cumiskey currently has a very funny Daily Show video clip on his front page. I endorse the watching of said video clip.



Anonymous said...

Bottled water is the silliest thing in a country where ordinary tap water is perfectly safe(in most places), or can be made safe with a few drops of Clorox per gallon(if you gotta drink something hauled out of a swamp)

jblueafterglow said...

Thanks for commenting, purple avenger, and I agree; C'est très silly. And yet, there are soooooo many Canadians who regularly buy bottled water.

Since this post, local weekly The Georgia Straight had their annual Best of Vancouver edition. Leading it off was this:

Best overlooked resource

Sometimes our distinguishing features are the hardest to notice. Take our tap water. The reason it tastes better than others’ is because it is. As far as collection points go, it doesn’t get more idyllic than the Capilano, Seymour, and Coquitlam reservoirs, where rainfall and snowmelt are captured. Our water is then treated with kid gloves to avoid contamination, with the holding watersheds being off limits to people and clear of any agricultural or industry runoff. Technically, it rates as soft, which means no calcium carbonate and, more to the point, no scummy film settling on the surface of a glass. It gets bonus points for aftertaste—there is none, despite receiving the standard chlorine treatment. People seem to accept that it’s safe to drink, and restaurant and bar staff don’t make a point of pushing bottled alternatives, so it’s amusing to see every other person in town carrying around a bottle of the bought stuff.