Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Honeymoon

I've been debating about doing a post about our recent honeymoon, which was the greatest two weeks of my life. I wasn't going to, but have just now decided to. Here you go...

The cruise exceeded my expectations. I was worried about seasickness as I have a weak stomach, but I was fine. Our dinner companions were fun, the food was good, and we made good use of the 24-hour pizza, soft-serve ice cream, and pop (lemonade for me), all of which was included. The entertainment could have been better, offering just some musical shows and a couple of comedians.

Disneyland was fun as always. California Adventure was alright. I never grew tired of the Indiana Jones, Matterhorn, and Grizzly Bear Run rides. Pirates had apparently been recently re-opened, with several very-realistic-looking Jack Sparrows placed throughout.

Cancun was made good by the Mayan ruins, the snorkeling, and the resort's larger-than-life pool. Our room was great except for the whole no-soundproofing-whatsoever thing. Member's services sucked, to put it succinctly. We'd read beforehand, and been told on our first day, that all non-motorized water activities was included in the all-inclusive package. We were told that kayaks and paddleboats were available on the beach. We'd already been kayaking a week earlier, while on Catalina Island during a cruise shore excursion, so we went looking for the paddleboats. We saw people out on the water using kayaks, of the sit-on-top variety, but no paddleboats. We arrived at the kayak rental tent and asked about paddleboats. Oh, no paddleboats available here. We told him we'd been told there were. We'd been told wrong. So... "all non-motorized water activities included" can be replaced by "free kayaking". This is just one of many many examples of member's services sucking. Except for that though it was great. I also received my first professional massage and endured a grueling pedicure. The massage was better-than expected, even with my not-quite-faded sunburnt back and shoulders. That massage was probably not my last. The same can definitely not be said of the pedicure.

It was a fantastic fortnight, shared with my beautiful wife.

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